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Preventive Care

Phoenix Comprehensive Dentistry

Dentistry located in Phoenix, AZ

Preventive dental care won’t stop every cavity, but it can make your trips to the dentist less expensive and less time-consuming. The oral health care experts at Phoenix Comprehensive Dentistry (PCD) believe in the power of preventive care for perfecting smiles and protecting your oral health. They don’t even mind that a good preventive plan means they’ll probably see you less often for complex tooth restoration procedures. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the practice welcomes children, teens, and adults to their friendly, patient-focused environment. Schedule your visit today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.

Preventive Care Q & A

What is preventive dental care?

Preventive dental care or dentistry focuses on keeping your teeth and gums healthy with routine exams aimed at spotting problems early. This practice prevents issues from becoming a significant oral health issue.

You play a major role in preventive care when you brush and floss your teeth daily, eat tooth-friendly meals, and schedule routine exams with your dentist at PCD.

What are the benefits of preventive dental care?

Many oral health issues develop slowly and show only subtle warning signs in their early stages. This fact is true for cavities, gum disease, and erosive changes to your tooth enamel. When you visit PCD regularly, even minor changes that can signal a warning about your oral health become apparent.

Early gum disease (gingivitis), for instance, typically begins with mild redness and minor softening of the gums. At this stage, education might prevent future issues. Your dentist will suggest a more dedicated flossing routine and changes to your brushing technique.

Why would children need preventive care for baby teeth?

Even baby teeth play a crucial role in your child’s overall oral health; these impermanent teeth help shape the future for adult teeth. Baby teeth also allow your child to eat and communicate effectively.

Baby teeth also act as place holders for permanent teeth, which typically begin to break through the gums at about age six. Teaching your child oral hygiene skills early, including the need for routine dental exams, helps foster good habits that can last a lifetime.

At PCD, patient care is the number one priority. Their philosophy is that the prevention of tooth decay, pain, and other dental health issues is preferred to treating it. Their concern for you and your family’s oral health is genuine and thus easy to spot.

Schedule preventive care visits today for yourself and your entire family. Call the Phoenix Comprehensive Dentistry office or book your appointment online.